KAHN, Louis Isadore

  • Arquitecto
  • 1901 - Kuressaare . Estonia
  • 1974 - Nueva York. Estados Unidos
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An architect of recognized international prestige, he was able to take architecture beyond the conventions of an International Style in crisis. His work acts as a hinge between the Modern Movement and architects such as Robert Venturi or Aldo Rossi, who focused the development of architecture in the second half of the 20th century on the revival of the vernacular and classical tradition, turning to history.

In the words of Vincent Scully:

“The key to the success of his mission was Kahn's late discovery of how to transform the ruins of ancient Rome into modern buildings.”…

… “It is a traditional classicism simplified under the pressure of the modern movement. But maintaining a monumental symmetry and the use of beautifully assembled permanent materials.”…

… “Kahn provided a kind of new primitivism for architecture, which is what he always said he was looking for, starting with construction: the basic, primitive, architectural sense of building.”