This is one of the first works carried out in his professional career. In its realization it shows the strong personality that characterized it, substituting in this peripheral neighborhood of Osaka, the traditional wooden houses, for a new house, similar in size to the existing ones, which with its simple geometry, its use of concrete, and its modern sense of interior space, contrasts with the existing context.

From the outside we see a silent wall and a blind façade. A feature of the building is its introspection. It is a closed building linked directly to the sky through the inner courtyard.The spaciousness of this very narrow place is noteworthy, due above all to the tripartite distribution that it designs. That allows a tour with 180 degree turns produced by the path that is made to access the different rooms.

Under these forms, the "haiku" of Japanese culture stands out, exalting some philosophical aspects that we see in the building such as introspection, isolation, protection, absence and the passage of time.

Mariano J. RUIZ DE AEL