Chikatsu Asuka Museum

Museo histórico Chikatsu Asuka, 大阪府立近つ飛鳥博物館
  • 1990 - 1994
  • ANDO, Tadao
  • Higashiyama (Osaka)
  • Japón
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In this example we are going to delve a little more into the concept of neutral boxes, in which we made reference to a series of museums carried out by Tadao Ando in Japan. Among them we want to highlight Chikatsu Asuka Museum.

The museum is dedicated to the display and research of kofun culture, where the graves are located most monumental in Japan, dating from the 2nd to 7th centuries.

It is a building in the form of a crypt, where archaeological pieces are exhibited. The appearance it offers is solemn and austere, without decoration, paying homage to the traditions and culture of the place. Externally, it appears as a large concrete tower dominated by a monumental staircase. Said staircase made with granite cobblestones, typical of the region, is rather proto-local and does not lead anywhere, contrasting with the exposed reinforced concrete of the rest of the building. Through them, you can get in touch with the surrounding nature, and with the artificial lake that reminds us of the ancient tombs.

Mariano J. RUIZ DE AEL