Fachada frontal del museo Soane. Architectuul.

Soane Museum

Casa Museo John Soane
  • 1808 - 1825
  • SOANE, John
  • KNOX, Tim Restauración   2011 - 2013
    Tim Knox fue director del Museo Soane de 2005 a 2013, donde llevó a cabo una restauración de las Lincoln's Inn Fields, los dos apartamentos adyacentes al museo (uno a cada lado), para convertirlos en espacios que formasen parte de la exhibición pública.
  • Londres
  • Reino Unido
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The Soane Museum is considered the first architecture museum.  It was originally the home-studio of the British neoclassical architect John Soane, which little by little he expanded due to the lack of space he had to house his collections. The work carried out with all these architectural materials was compilation, study and research and finally exhibition, dissemination and debate. These are the three characteristics that architectural museums have had since then. To do this, John Soane acquired land adjacent to his own house, finally giving said extension a unitary image that we can see today on the façade. 

The collection of architect Sir John Soane, houses several drawings and projects by the architect, as well as ancient works of art and architecture that he collected throughout his life. In addition to the collection, the museum draws attention for its classicist aesthetics, the careful design of the skylights at different heights and the concentration of objects of all kinds, which lack display space. Giving the impression of a decorated chest, with overlapping elements.It was not until the arrival of Peter Thornton as director, after the death of Sir John Soane, when the museum became what we know today.

Mariano J. RUIZ DE AEL